General Plumbing

The Cootsie's team is qualified to work on a range of plumbing projects:

 - Commerical
 - Residential
 - New construction
 - Remodels
 - Repairs

Backflow Assembly Testing, Installation & Repair

We install, repair, and test backflow prevention assemblies of all sizes and we take care of completing and submitting all required City documentation after the test. 

Cross-Connection Testing

The City mandates different levels of cross-connection prevention for different water system setups. We can check your property's address in the City's water system database to determine your exact requirements. Whether you are currently without sufficient protection or are simply due for an yearly retest, Cootsie's turnkey approach aims to provide a hassel-free avenue for obtaining and maintaining City compliance. 

Customer Service Inspections

We offer Customer Service Inspections for our residential and commerical clients.  Within the City of Austin, these include the cross-connection test referenced above, as well as several other assesments.  

Car Wash Equipment Testing

As of 2014, Austin requires commercial car washes to have their equipment inspected by a licensed master plumber. The test length is determined by several factors, including the number of wash stations being used and the type of equipment onsite. 


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